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Are you looking to organize a bingo game and are you in need of bingo cards? Order bingo cards online now and receive them in your mailbox within 5 minutes as a PDF file. You can print the bingo cards yourself. You can also choose digital bingo cards. This way, you don't need to print anything and can organize a bingo game immediately. These bingo cards are suitable for bingo games with numbers 1 through 75.

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Experience instant fun with our ready-to-use bingo cards. Simply choose the number of bingo cards you need and choose the option to print them yourself or use our digital bingo cards. Within 5 minutes of your order, you will receive an email allowing you to start your bingo event right away. Each of our bingo cards is unique, allowing you to effortlessly organize a varied game. Furthermore, the bingo cards are reusable; after the game, you can easily reprint them for the next exciting round of bingo.

Unique bingo cards

If you choose the option to print them yourself, you will receive a PDF file with unique bingo cards by email. You can then easily print the bingo cards yourself.

Print or play digitally

If you use our digital bingo cards, you will receive a link with a unique code after placing your order. Players can use this link and code to claim their own digital bingo card.

Own Logo Or Design

Do you want to add a logo to your bingo cards or should they be fully designed to match your organization's branding? No problem! Contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you in creating your unique bingo cards.

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Specify how many bingo cards you need during checkout.

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Distribute Bingo Cards

Print out the bingo cards or let players claim a unique digital bingo card

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Let's get started

Is everyone ready? Then it's time to play bingo. Have fun!

Want to try something else? Play a music bingo

Looking for another fun activity? Choose a lively music bingo. A music bingo is a variation on the traditional bingo, but instead of drawing numbers, songs are played. Our most popular music bingos are: The Wrong Music Bingo, The Young & Old Music Bingo, the Radio Top 2000 Music Bingo, or the Sing-along Music Bingo, but you can find more music bingos on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions
Wat heb ik nodig om bingo te spelen?

Het enige dat je nodig hebt is een bingomolen. Heb je geen bingomolen? Dan kun je gebruiken maken van deze Digitale Bingomolen.

Hoe vaak kan ik de bingo spelen?

Kies je voor digitale bingokaarten? Dan blijft de link één maand geldig. Indien je kiest om de bingokaarten te printen dan kun je deze zo vaak blijven gebruiken als je wilt.

Kan ik ook een eigen bingokaart ontwerp gebruiken?

Wij kunnen een bingokaart op maat maken. Handig, wanneer je bijvoorbeeld een speciaal evenement organiseert.

Hoe lang duurt het voordat ik de bingokaarten ontvang?

Na je bestelling gaan wij direct voor je aan de slag. Je hebt de bingokaarten binnen 5 minuten in je mailbox zitten.

Met hoeveel spelers kan ik bingo spelen?

Je kunt een bingo met een onbeperkt aantal spelers spelen. Geef bij het bestellen aan hoeveel unieke bingokaarten je wilt hebben.