Buy music bingo

Go crazy and order a music bingo! Swing along to the best wrong numbers or choose a music bingo full of disco hits from the 80ties and 90ties. There is plenty of choice for everyone!

Online music bingo

Fun and music; two important factors for a successful party. With our music bingo you play with friends, family, or colleagues and at the same time listen to some great hits.

The concept is simple:

  1. Choose one of our music bingo's

  2. Each player receives a unique bingo card

  3. Start the music!

Play music bingo

You can print the bingo cards or play the music bingo completely digitally. Do you play digitally? In that case every player can claim a unique bingo card via his or her own phone, tablet or computer. Is the song you hear on your bingo card? Tick it off and who knows, you might just have a BINGO!

Organizing a song bingo for your business

Are you organizing an event and would you rather use your own playlist for your music bingo? No problem at all! For only 75 euros (Excl. VAT) we will make a customized music bingo, completely according to your music wishes. You only pay an additional price of 1 euro per player. Are you planning to organize more music bingos? Then it might be interesting to take out a subscription with us.

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