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How to host music bingo

Are you organizing a bingo or music bingo for a company outing, in a pub or just for a cosy evening with friends or family? We'll be happy to help you organize a fun bingo!

How do you organize a music bingo event?

Hosting a music bingo event is a surefire way to ensure a fantastic time. Who can resist the allure of an enjoyable activity? In Music Bingo, players mark songs off their bingo cards, and voilà, you have the ingredients for a lively gathering with family and friends. But how can you go about organizing a music bingo event? Allow us to guide you through the process.

Hosting your own music bingo event in four simple steps:

1. Choose your players
A music bingo, isn't complete without a cheerful group of participants. These could be your friends, or even your family. If you're planning a bachelor party or birthday celebration, or a regulare get together, a bingo event is a splendid choice.

2. Distribute the bingo cards
Bingo cards are a fundamental component of this exciting game. You can either access them on your phone or print them out. Ensure that each person receives a unique bingo card, ensuring a fair chance for all to win.

3. Buying bingo prizes
Organizing a bingo or music bingo also entails procuring prizes. While eternal glory is an enticing reward, the budget is entirely at your discretion. If needed, you can request a small contribution from the players, injecting a sense of competition. Who will claim the top prize?

4.Ready, set, go!
You can choose to play bingo or music bingo online as well. In this case, ensure you have a live streaming connection. This can be achieved through platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, among other options. If you're hosting a traditional number-based bingo, make sure everyone can view the bingo wheel. If it's a music bingo, ensuring everyone can hear the music is, of course, of paramount importance.

Ordering a complete online bingo package?

On our website, you can easily order a music bingo package. We take care of the playlist and the bingo cards, which can be conveniently accessed on your phone or printed. Your primary tasks are to secure enticing prizes, and we'll take care of the rest!