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Organizing bingo or music bingo on location

Are you organizing a bingo or music bingo at home, in a pub or at the office? We will gladly help you to organize a fun bingo! We have some tips to help you!

This is how it works

When you order a bingo or music bingo you specify how many bingo cards you need. You can choose whether you want to receive your bingo cards digitally or print them yourself. Did you choose for digital bingo tickets? Then you will receive a link and an access code after ordering. This link and access code can be shared with all participants. This way everyone can claim their own unique bingo card.

Are you organizing a music bingo?
Then you will also receive a link to open a Spotify playlist. Make sure that the sound is clearly audible to all participants?

Are you organizing a bingo with numbers?
You will receive a link to open a digital bingo wheel. You use this bingo wheel to draw the numbers in random order. You can share the bingo wheel on a screen like a TV or beamer. Do you have your own physical bingo wheel? Then of course you can use this one too.

Participants ready? Let's start!
Does everyone have their own bingo card? Then you can start the bingo now.