Want to buy a Music Bingo?

Want to buy a Music Bingo?
Directly delivered In your inbox within 5 minutes

Want to organize a fun activity? Choose a fun Music bingo! Simply order a ready-made bingo online. You can choose from bingo with numbers or a music bingo with songs. An ideal activity for all ages. Play Music Bingo at home, at work, in a pub or simply online (e.g. via Microsoft Teams or Zoom)!

Organize a Music Bingo

Get your hands on the ultimate Music Bingo on our website. Choose from a variety of Music Bingos, from 90's music to the greatest hits of the present. All you need is sound. Whether you prefer physical bingo cards or digital ones that can be easily opened on your phone, we've got you covered. Once you've placed your order, you'll receive everything you need via email, making it easy to organize a fun and interactive Music Bingo activity.

  • Delivered directly by e-mail

  • Digital bingo cards or print them yourself

  • Play on location or online (MS Teams / Zoom)

Our Music Bingos

Buy a music bingo starting from 15 euro.

Directly delivered In your inbox within 5 minutes

How does Music Bingo work?

Music Bingo is a fun and interactive game that combines the traditional game of bingo with music. Players are given bingo cards with song titles and artists instead of the traditional numbers. The host plays music, and players mark off the songs on their card as it is played. The first player to have a full row and eventually a full card wins the game. Music bingos are perfect for any age group or theme, making them a great activity for parties, events, or even classrooms. It is an exciting way to engage with music and have fun with friends, family or colleagues.

How to host a music bingo

Hosting a music bingo game is a breeze. Simply decide on the number of players and choose your preferred method of receiving the bingo cards. If you prefer physical cards, we'll send you a PDF that you can print out. If you'd rather play digitally, we'll provide you with a unique link and access code for each player to claim their digital bingo card. Get ready for a musical bingo experience and who knows, you might even win!

Frequently asked questions about Music Bingo's

How long does a music bingo last?

A small music bingo contains 48 songs; a big music bingo has 75 songs. A small music bingo takes at least 45 minutes. A big music bingo approximately 1 hour. You determine the pace yourself.

What do I need to organise a music bingo?

All you need is a Spotify account and of course, a way to play the sound. This can be done via a sound system or digitally, for example during a Teams of Zoom meeting.

Can I print out the bingo cards?

 Yes, that is possible! When ordering a music bingo you can choose to receive your bingo cards in a PDF. You can then print these bingo cards yourself.

How can I open a digital music bingo card?

After ordering a music bingo you will receive a unique link and access code. You can open this link on your phone, tablet or computer. Enter the access code and claim your bingo card.

How often can I play the music bingo?

After ordering, the music bingo will be valid for one month. So you can play the music bingo more often, but after the first time, there are no more surprises.