Music Bingo - Get the party started

Music Bingo - Get the party started
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Get ready for the excitement of Music Bingo! A fun activity for all ages. Whether you're planning to enjoy Music Bingo at the comfort of your home, during a work gathering, at a local pub, or even online through platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, the options are endless! Get ready for a fun Musical Bingo experience.

Organize a Musical Bingo

Discover the ultimate Music Bingo experience on our website. Explore a wide selection of Music Bingo themes, ranging from the nostalgic tunes of the 90s to the latest chart-toppers.

Buy Music Bingo today. Whether you opt for traditional physical bingo cards or the convenience of digital ones accessible on your phone, we've got your preferences covered. Upon placing your order, you'll directly receive all the necessary materials via email, streamlining the process of hosting a lively and interactive Music Bingo event.

  • Delivered directly by e-mail

  • Digital bingo cards or print them yourself

  • Play on location or online (MS Teams / Zoom)

Our Music Bingos

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How does Music Bingo work?

Musical Bingo is an exhilarating and interactive fusion of the classic bingo game with the world of music. In place of the conventional numbers, players receive bingo cards adorned with song titles and artists. As the host cues up tunes, players enthusiastically mark off corresponding songs on their cards. The goal? To be the first to complete a row, and ultimately, the entire card, emerging as the victorious winner.

Music Bingos are incredibly versatile, suitable for participants of all ages and themes, making them an ideal addition to parties, events, or even educational settings. It's a thrilling way to immerse oneself in the world of music while sharing delightful moments with friends, family, or colleagues

How to play music bingo

Organizing a Music Bingo game has never been easier. Just determine the number of players and select your preferred method for obtaining the bingo cards. If you opt for physical cards, we'll promptly deliver a printable PDF to your inbox. Alternatively, if digital play suits you better, we'll furnish you with individualized links and access codes for each player to effortlessly claim their digital bingo card. Get set for a music bingo adventure, and who knows, you could be the next lucky winner

Music Bingo Cards

Printable Music Bingo Cards

When you purchase one of our pre-designed music bingo packages, you'll receive a Spotify playlist along with bingo cards delivered to your email. Getting started is a breeze – simply print these bingo cards, and you're all set! Alternatively, you can opt for digital bingo cards. In this scenario, you'll receive a personalized link with a unique code. Participants can easily use this code to claim their individual bingo cards, making the process convenient for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Bingo

How long does a music bingo last?

A small music bingo contains 48 songs; a big music bingo has 75 songs. A small music bingo takes at least 45 minutes. A big music bingo approximately 1 hour. You determine the pace yourself.

What do I need to organise a music bingo?

All you need is a Spotify account and of course, a way to play the sound. This can be done via a sound system or digitally, for example during a Teams of Zoom meeting.

Can I print out the bingo cards?

 Yes, that is possible! When ordering a music bingo you can choose to receive your bingo cards in a PDF. You can then print these bingo cards yourself.

How can I open a digital music bingo card?

After ordering a music bingo you will receive a unique link and access code. You can open this link on your phone, tablet or computer. Enter the access code and claim your bingo card.

How often can I play the music bingo?

After ordering, the music bingo will be valid for one month. So you can play the music bingo more often, but after the first time, there are no more surprises.

Best songs for Music Bingo

The best songs for a musical bingo can vary depending on the theme or the preferences of the players. However, here's a list of classic and popular songs that are often well-received in music bingo:

Journey - Don't Stop Believin
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
ABBA - Mamma Mia
Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten
Spice Girls - Wannabe
John Travolta - Greased Lighnin'

We believe that music brings people together, and our diverse range of music bingo options ensures that there's something for everyone. Whether you're planning a family gathering, corporate event, or just a fun night with friends, our music bingo games add rhythm and excitement to any occasion.

Music Bingo Online

Digital Music Bingo Cards

Imagine you don't have access to a printer, or you prefer the convenience of playing music bingo virtually through platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. That's where our digital bingo cards come into play, offering you a hassle-free online music bingo experience.

Instead of traditional PDFs with music bingo cards, you'll receive an exclusive link along with a secure PIN code. Simply share this link and PIN code with all participants, allowing them to effortlessly claim their personalized bingo cards. No need for manual crosses with a pen in this version—just a simple tap or click on the songs featured on your card will do the trick.

Our digital music bingo option makes playing online a breeze, ensuring a smooth and interactive experience for all players, whether you're together in person or connecting virtually.

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