Are you organizing a bingo or music bingo for a company outing, in a pub or just for a cosy evening with friends or family? We'll be happy to help you organize a fun bingo!

How do you organize a bingo or music bingo?

Organizing a bingo or music bingo is always a success. Who doesn't like a fun activity? During bingo, numbers or musical numbers are struck off the bingo cards. Bingo! A rock-solid guarantee for a lively party with family or friends. But how do you organize a bingo or music bingo? We tell you exactly how it works.

Organizing a bingo or music bingo yourself in 4 steps

1. Choose your players
A bingo or music bingo is not complete without friendly players. These can be your friends, but of course also your family. Are you organizing a bachelor party or a birthday? Even then organizing a bingo is a great idea.

2. Distribute the bingo cards
Bingo cards are also indispensable in this swinging game. You can open them on your phone or print them out. Make sure everyone receives a unique bingo card. That way you can be sure that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

3. Buying bingo prizes
Organizing a bingo or music bingo also means you have to buy prizes. Of course, we are not only competing for eternal glory. The budget is of course entirely up to you. If necessary you can ask the players for a small contribution. In this way, you also build in that real competition mentality. Who will win the first prize?

4. Participants ready? Let's get started!
Of course, you can also play bingo or music bingo online. In that case, make sure you have a livestream connection. This can be done via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, but there are also other possibilities. Are you organizing a bingo with numbers? Make sure everyone can see the bingo wheel. Are you organizing a music bingo? Then it is, of course, important that everyone can hear the music.

Ordering a complete online bingo package?

On our website, you can easily order a bingo or music bingo. We take care of the bingo cards. You can easily open them on your phone, but you can also choose to print them. So all you have to do is provide a good presenter and nice prizes and we'll take care of the rest!