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90s music bingo

Organizing a 90s Music Bingo

Can we please go back to the 90s real quick!? In this music bingo, you will only hear the best hits from the 90s! Everything used to be better, right? Enjoy singing along with all the classics! Do you remember all the songs? Find out how you can organize a 90s music bingo

How to organize a 90s music bingo in 4 steps

While you have the option to create your own music playlist and bingo cards, if you're eager to dive right in, we've got you covered with our pre-made 90s Music Bingo package. With this package, you can easily organize a 90s music bingo in just four simple steps:

  1. Organizing a 90s music bingo is simple. You can play music bingo at a specific location or online via, for example, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

  2. When ordering a 90s music bingo, you first indicate the number of players. You then have the option to choose between bingo cards that you can print yourself or you can choose for digital bingo cards which can be opened on your smartphone. After completing your order, you will receive a Spotify playlist containing all the songs of your bingo.

  3. Did you indicate that you wanted to print the 90s bingo cards? In that case, you will receive a PDF containing bingo cards that you can print yourself. Did you choose to have digital bingo cards? In that case, you will receive a link and an access code, allowing each player to can claim their own unique digital bingo card. The digital 90s bingo cards can easily be opened on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Is everybody ready? Then it's now time to play the Spotify playlist and start the 90s music bingo! It is up to the participants to recognize the songs that are being played and to tick them off their bingo cards. Does a participant have a full row? Bingo! Eventually, you continue playing until the first person has a completely full bingo card.

Order a ready-made 90s Music Bingo

Everything used to be better in the 90s, right? Enjoy singing along with all the classics! Do you remember all the songs?

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Rediscovering the Soundtrack of a Decade

The 90s witnessed an explosion of musical creativity and innovation, with genres like grunge, alternative rock, R&B, and pop dominating the charts. From Nirvana's grunge anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to Whitney Houston's powerful ballad "I Will Always Love You," the 90s had an eclectic mix of hits that still resonate with audiences today. 90s Music Bingo allows you to rediscover these iconic tracks and dive into the rich tapestry of sounds that defined the decade.

Setting the Perfect Atmosphere

To truly immerse yourself in the 90s vibe, creating the right atmosphere is essential. Decorate your music bingo venue with 90s memorabilia, such as posters of iconic bands and artists, lava lamps, and neon lights. Encourage players to dress up in their favorite 90s fashion trends, whether it's flannel shirts, baggy jeans, or scrunchies. Playing the 90s music bingo with a backdrop of classic 90s hits will transport you back in time and amplify the nostalgia-filled experience.

The Social Aspect

90's Music Bingo is not just a game; it's a shared experience that fosters connection and nostalgia. Gather a group of friends, family, or fellow 90s music enthusiasts, and embark on this sonic journey together. As you mark off songs on your bingo cards, conversations will spark, memories will resurface, and laughter will fill the room. The 90s music bingo is an opportunity to bond, create new memories, and celebrate the music that shaped an era.

90s music bingo tips

Tips to make your 90s Music Bingo experience even more enjoyable:

  • Encourage interaction and participation: 90s music bingo is not just about listening to songs and marking off squares. Encourage players to sing along, dance, or even perform a few signature 90s dance moves during the game. It creates a lively and immersive experience.

  • Share personal stories and memories: The 90s was a transformative decade for many people, and everyone has unique memories associated with the music of that era. Encourage players to share their personal stories or reminisce about their favorite concerts, albums, or music videos. It adds a personal touch to the 90s music bingo and deepens the nostalgic connection.

  • Prizes with a 90s touch: Offer prizes that align with the 90s theme, such as CDs or cassettes of popular albums from the decade, concert tickets to artists who were popular in the 90s, or even nostalgic merchandise like slap bracelets or pogs. It adds excitement and enhances the overall experience of the 90s music bingo.

Our favorite 90s songs

Some of the songs you can expect in the  90's music bingo:
  • Would I Lie To You? - Charles & Eddie

  • Sex On The Beach - T-Spoon

  • Sandstorm - Darude

  • Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre

  • Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez

  • It's My Life - Dr. Alban

  • Freed From Desire - Gala

  • Blue - Eiffel 65

  • Wannabe - Spice Girls

  • The Rhythm of The Night - Corona